Nuclear Industry

Nordt Engineered Precious Metals FusionForged® Control Rods are developed under your direction to maximize neutron absorption.

Nuclear Industry

Choosing the Material
Your choice of materials could include alloys of Silver, Indium and Cadmium, Boron, cobalt, Hafnium, diboride and titanate alloys. Nordt Engineered Precious Metals is open to partner with you to develop new materials to achieve new levels of control.

FusionForged® Control Rods
We contract to produce your control rods at unsurpassed density levels that only Nordt’s proprietary FusionForged® process can create.

Reactor Core Moderation
The rapid release of neutrons resulting from fission reactions makes control rods essential to controlling this chain reaction event. Manufacturing rods of the highest quality ensures longer product life and allows neutron absorption at the 1:1 ratio of produced to used up neutrons is achieved. This allows the chain reaction to go forward, releasing energy under the precise control of human operators.

Call Nordt with your control rod material selection and product specifications.