FusionForged® Propulsion Components
Aerospace engineers can rely on Nordt’s Precious metal expertise

to achieve maximum material density to provide unsurpassed product life.

Aerospace Industry

Exceeding the Rigid Standards of Aerospace
Aerospace engineers can rely on Nordt Precious Metals Expertise and Fusion Forging Technology to produce rocket nozzles, thruster step chambers and other propulsion system components that will consistently meet and exceed the rigid quality standards set by the aerospace industry.

one piece rocket nozzles

                                                   Rocket Nozzle Prototypes

FusionForged® Materials Extend Product Life
Nordt’s ability to manufacture one piece rocket nozzles through our proprietary Fusion Forging process provides products that eliminate concerns over joining & welding, soldering and porosity. We design our manufacturing process to ensure repeatability and the benefits of Nordt materials ensures that your product life is extended to outlive those made by more traditional metal forming processes.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         ISO 9001-2008

ISO 9000 CertificateThe Benefits of Nordt Multi-Metals
Our ability to co-extrude more than one material into a FusionForged® tube or part provides materials engineers with the ability to engineer parts that have more than one characteristic of interest. This allows aerospace engineers to design and develop materials with functional and economic benefits that help address the high cost of precious metals.

High Standards for High Expectations
Nordt Linear Technologies quality standards are designed to accommodate all NASA, ISO government requirements related to aerospace. Our standards allow us to meet the tight tolerance considerations required with precious metal aerospace components.

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